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Charming Anegada

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Charming Anegada Charming Anegada Charming Anegada
Charming Anegada
By Susan M. Keenan

Anegada is an attractive tiny island among the fifty or so islands and cays that make up the British Virgin Islands. This particular island is made up of coral and limestone. This small island rests only twenty-eight feet above sea level at its highest point and is only about eleven miles long.

The sea life on Anegada is spectacular and includes huge sea turtles, large lobsters, parrot fish, angelfish, star coral, and tiger grouper. Water sport activities are excellent throughout the year on Anegada. Snorkeling, sailing, fishing, and swimming are excellent ways to wile away the day whose temperatures average in the mid eighties during the winter and the summer months.

Traveling to the island itself is typically done by boat and is rather tricky, since the island is difficult to see upon approach due to its small size and low elevation. The island cannot be seen easily from the boat; therefore, navigators must stay alert and on the look out, hopefully with binoculars, for any signs of land on the horizon.

Due to the islands small size, only a few hundred people actually live on the island year round. Tourists looking for a quiet, secluded, clean beach to vacation on with the family, are quickly discovering it.