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Cape Cod - A Vacation Paradise

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Cape Cod is one of the biggest natural barriers in the world. It shields the mainland from storm waves that are produced far out in the ocean. When Cape Cod was first discovered it became the landmark for many explorers. It was one of the first places settled in the 17th century. Through the next few hundred years people settled and began to build what is there today. Cape Cod has set itself up as a vacation seekers paradise.

There are tons to do when one visits Cape Cod. One of the features that distinguish the cape from other locations is the lighthouses. Lighthouses have been built all over the cape. Some of them have been early in history and some have been placed late in history. One thing they have in common is that they draw people from all over the country. One lighthouse in particular is Wings Neck. People who visit the lighthouse will find a place to spend the night if they so desire. Eight people can spend the night comfortably with modern accommodations. The lighthouse keeps a private beach for guests and is close to other activities.

Visitors who plan to visit may want to stay in one of the many B&Bs; which stands for Bed & Breakfast, scattered around. Bed and Breakfasts locations offer all the amenities of a hotel but with a personal touch. One B&B in particular, The Danl Webster Inn & Spa, offers personal rooms and a spa for any and all who wish to participate. Many of the B&Bs are in private areas that are perfect for people who wish to stay away from the busy atmosphere of everyday life. Peacefulness at its best.

While visiting Cape Cod be sure to check out the local shopping. Cape Cod boasts of 2,400 places to shop and enjoy. Cape Cod was once on the historic Route 6A, which was a highway that connected every Cape town. Stores with books, specialty stores, and outlet stores are there for your enjoyment.