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Walking Tours of Berlin

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Walking Tours of Berlin Walking Tours of Berlin Walking Tours of Berlin
Walking Tours In Berlin

Berlin is still the gateway in the New Europe between the east and the west. The modern Berlin is a thriving European metropolis. Berlin has kept changing and growing but has never lost sight of its place in history. Historical elements can be found right in the center of the new Berlin. A walking tour through Berlin will help you explore both sides of this contemporary city.

You can experience a sense of the Cold War period while strolling through Berlin. You can nearly feel the ghosts of Teutonic knights and Prussian kings. Encounter the intensity still lingering in the air at the bombed Memorial Church or at the Victory Garden.

You can retrace the steps of the Soviet attack which ended at the Reichstag Parliament. You will look in awe at Norman Foster's glass dome. Continue the tour on to the Government Quarter and Federal Chancellory.

You can see the "Death Strip" areas which once divided Berlin. You can even stand at the exact site of the fall of the Berlin Wall. You will now be standing in the middle of the East German Government Quarters and in the New Berlin. Tour guides can fill you in on the significant events which led to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

You can quietly remember and pay homage to lost lives as you are reminded of the horrors of past conflicts. Walk above Hitler's Bunker and by the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. The hidden Nazi war bunkers are another flashback to wartime Berlin.

In addition to general walking tours in Berlin, there are also specialty walking tours which focus on a specific area of interest. There is a walking tour for those with an interest in the Cold War period. A tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp reminds everyone of the darkest days in Berlin's history. You can also take a stroll and learn about the rise and fall of the Capital of the Third Reich.

The walking tour which focuses on the Third Reich will lead to the site of Hitler's Bunker where he spent his last days. You can visit Goering's Luftwaffe Headquarters. This Nazi building was the only one to survive Allied bombings. This tour includes the Propaganda Ministry and the SS and Gestapo Headquarters. The tour ends at the Soviet memorial.

A tour of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp will be an unforgettable but sobering experience. We must examine the past, however, to ensure that we are mindful of the atrocities of human rights abuses. 50,000 people died at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp during the second World War. Thousands more perished there between 1949 - 1950. During that period it became a place of death for thousands who were thought to be political enemies.

A tour with a Cold War theme will give you a glimpse into life behind the Iron Curtain. You can explore the former Soviet sector and the foundation of Communist East Berlin. If you are intrigued by spy stories, then this tour is a must!

Nightlife walking tours will appeal to those who want to explore the lighter, fun side of Berlin. Berlin has a vibrant night life with its prospering clubs, underground bars, and cocktail lounges. You can also enjoy one of Berlin's booming rock concerts.

Walking tours in Berlin give you a feel for its history and an appreciation for the new Berlin. Germany's largest city has just the right mix of history, beauty, and culture. Take a walk through Berlin, a magnificent European city!